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Guitar - Stages in progress :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 2 2
Sonne :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 1 7 Guitar design :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 6 Good Goat Logo :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 2 11 GoodGoat 1 :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 4 Gypsy Jen? :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 3 16 Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales _3_ :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 4 Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales _2_ :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 4 Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales _1_ :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 4
Unintentional Collaboration
Our minds united
    Hearing but not seeing
Across the void
    Breathless and yet breathing
Astral communion
    Fulfilled but still needing
We sculpt with sound
    Across the expanse...Reaching
These ethereal forms
    Fingers outstretched...Searching
Directing with words
    In a jubilant heartbeat...Finding
To writhe and enwrap
    With joyous hands...Touching
Stoking temporal fires
Filling lonesome spaces
Weaving our souls
    Inhaling tranquil breath...Being
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 9
The Last Anniversary Gift :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 14
A Glimpse Within, Vol. 11
My beautiful Z
Many years behind us
Some as friends
Some as strangers
Some spent exploring loving words
Some spent in silence
I thought we were real
The feelings were true
I fell in love
With the sound of your breath
Though I never felt it's heat
The fantasy lingered too long
Disconnected me from truth
And from self-honesty
Jaded me to others
Isolated me from reality
I'm still in love
With the ideal we nurtured
Though your heart is renewed
Through the love of another
And mine has grown cold
From years of wedded mockery
And exhausted from too much hope.
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 5
Thank You
Thank you
For being a friend when I was in need
For lending an ear to my uncertainties
For reminding me to live life
     and to stop just going through the motions
Thank you
For making me feel beautiful
     even if only for a moment
For reviving my desire
For rousing my sleeping passions
For making eye contact and holding it
Thank you
For finding my muse and guiding her home
For nudging my creativity
For encouraging the discouraged
     and reminding me to be who I am
     not who someone wants me to be
But mostly
Thank you for your friendship.
May your heart find it's way home
And if it cannot find home, may the ports in which it harbors
Be scenic and without storms.
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 1 18
A Glimpse Within, Vol 10
What was it
That turned your head?
A toss of the hair
Or the hint of a sigh?
A witty remark
Or the fullness of my mouth?
Perhaps it was a scent lingering on my skin
Are you alright?
Your cheeks have flushed
    You look distracted
          By my eyes.
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 4
A Glimpse Within, Vol 9
Far away is where I should be
Far away to where I can see
Warm horizons unfolding in front of me
And leaving behind this dark and debris
To shed this atrophied flesh and tired skin
To emerge fresh and lovely
     Empowered within!
To have without needing
To cut without bleeding
To feel beyond feeling
To pray without kneeling.
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 1
A Glimpse Within, vol 7
Would I trade this life of loveless comfort
For a life of loving poverty?
I would.
Would I exchange lying awake in a soft, snoring bed
For sound slumber found in warm arms on a hard floor?
I would.
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 8
A Glimpse Within, Vol. 6

I knew it came
Heard the howling of distant winds
Felt the ground tremble with far away rumbling
And still I ignored pleas to take shelter
I tied myself fast to an oak
Determined to face the blast
Believing in my immortality
The first trickles came
Running down my cheeks
I was ready
"BRING IT ON!" I screamed
And the oak itself resonated
With the answering thunder-growl
I was taken by surprise
When above me the sky let loose it's torrent
And became helpless as the oak lifted up it's roots
and tried to outrun the gale.
I was swept away
Strapped to my fate
Holding no blade of freedom
To cut me loose.
When suddenly the quiet fell
The deluge became a shower
Then a mere fine spray
and finally just a droplet.
When I opened my eyes
I was a stranger to the land
And my oak had long washed away
I was alone, but free.
I sit now in this foreign place
On safe, high ground
And wonder
How to get home.
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 1 10
A Glimpse Within, Vol. 5

Fold your arms around me
I promise not to bite
Your touch, it thrills me
And in your eyes
I am home
But you remain strange
Locked inside your gate
Holding the key
Watching me
Dancing in traffic
Unable to cross the street
:iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 10
WIP Rimbo Cover with border :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 10 The bard hard at work TRF 2003 :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 10 6 Rimbo work in progress :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 0 12 Preistess pausing to Ponder :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 2 7 Celtic Priestess :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 2 4 Celtic Handfasting :iconskyejcb:Skyejcb 17 15


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