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Thanks to :iconashigaru: for passing this along, and to Mark Brooks for speaking his mind.
"Mark Brooks, aka :icondiablo2003: is an excellent and well known comic book artist. He just posted a very insightful journal on his DA page.

I would advise everyone to read and reflect on his experience at NYCC. Then ask yourself how we, as artists, designers, and creative people, can change this from being the "norm"."

To my anonymous print buyer...

Wed Jan 30, 2008, 7:32 AM
THANK YOU for buying a print!  I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.  

You rock.



Play it forward! Give these Deviants 2 minutes of your time:

:icongarmr: :iconillahie: :iconsideshowmonkey: :iconragelion: :iconfizzfoam: :iconursulav: :icondoc-hammer: :iconfoxvox: :iconathenatt:
In addition to my DeviantART print store, I also have been adding items to my CafePress shop, where some of my designs are available on more than just prints -  like t-shirts, mugs, and ornaments!  

Don't get dad another tie!  Mom doesn't need more perfume!  Drop by and pick up some ART for them this year!!

clicky!>> Let the shopping frenzy BEGIN!  <<clicky!
Thanks to all who voted, I took 2nd place in the Golden Smile contest for :icongoldenretrieverfans:!

The official announcement is here:  goldenretrieverfans.deviantart…

I appreciate everyone's voting efforts. Thank you!

Dragon tat now available

Sun Apr 22, 2007, 6:42 AM
My latest deviation, a full color version of Dragon Tat for Loretta, is now available as a print!  I hope you enjoy the design as much as Loretta does (since she has it inked forever underneath her skin!).

Dragon Tat for Loretta - final by Skyejcb

If you enjoy this deviation, then you may also enjoy:

The Morrigan and the Mjolnir by Skyejcb
One new print has been uploaded.…

Toiling for your devotion-

The Morrigan and the Mjolnir by Skyejcb   Stevie Ray by Skyejcb
Marc Gunn, Cat Lover 09-06-04 by Skyejcb  :thumb37524574:

:thumb8412849: :thumb45086954:
:thumb23967222:  :thumb6981900:  

On a less self-motivated note, I provide you with food for thought.…

Man, I miss Carl Sagan.

I've bitten the bullet and bought a print account.  I'm still in the progress of setting up the items I will offer in my DA print shop, but there are a certain number of items already available for purchase.

SO, if you've got a gift to give and haven't yet found the right one, consider giving the gifts of art from hard-working artists...LIKE ME!

Toiling for your devotion-

Some of the fine prints available for your art-hungry consumption:
~Stevie Ray
~The Union of Morrigan and Thor
I've added knitting to my repertoire, so you'll be seeing textile deviations added to my gallery in the coming days /months.


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Very few of my commentors seem to be above the 13-23 age bracket.  I've got to ask...does anyone know WHY?
Between home-maintenance, working extra hours, and general muse-lessness, I've been taking a break from posting new pieces.  

Sorry folks.  I hope to post more again in the future!
In the past, a few of my fellow Deviants have used me as a model for their own work.  I didn't realize how many until I tallied them up today, so I'd like to draw a little more traffic to their galleries and showcase their work by directing you to these pieces:

:iconfizzfoam:   Fizzfoam's "Jen"

:iconathenatt:  AthenaTT's "Skyejcb Portrait"

:icongarmr:  Garmr's "Would you give me the time?"and "Digression"

:iconfairyoffire:  Fairyoffire's "Chaos Is Company" (photo:  click for detailed view) and "Flirty Elf"

A shift in creativity

Thu Nov 3, 2005, 2:47 PM
So you've all noticed by now that I've not had any new deviations to post.  I wouldn't say that it's because I've not been thinking about it - or even failing to be creative, but I *can* say that I've been shifting my creativity into a different realm that doesn't really fit into any of the Deviation catagories here:  Home renovation!

I bought a house recently and decided to do some cosmetic enhancements to it.  The task has taken up every nanosecond of my free time.


Ok, I lied.  I still have time to eat, sleep, and catch reruns of Three's Company before passing out at night.  

In any case, I should have more entries to post to my gallery before the major winter holidays.  

Cross your fingers - hopefully DA won't have blown up by then.

While you're waiting for ME to whip out some creativity, go check out my dear :icongarmr:

He's been blasting out some mad skillz lately.
I'm sort of glad I didn't renew my DA subscription.
It will be interesting to see what direction Angelo takes DA.  


Wed Jan 19, 2005, 2:01 PM
Please visit a dear friend of mine. He has served as an inspiration to my work for many years. Unfortunately, I'm out of touch with him more than I'd like these days. In any case, go see his site (tip: roll your mouse over the menu items at the top of the page and hold it there for a slideshow of each category.):

Take time to show love to some of my favorite Deviants:

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Medieval Mystery

Wed Dec 29, 2004, 1:04 PM
"In 1926 the German art historian Max Friedländer attributed a group of late-fifteenth-century Netherlandish paintings of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child in identical poses to an unknown artist whom he called the "Master of the Embroidered Foliage." Friedländer likened the way that the foliage was painted in these works to the repeated pattern of stitches in embroidery, thus the unusual name for the artist. In 1968 one of these paintings was given to the Clark Art Institute by the executors of the estate of Herbert Lehman, governor of New York State from 1933 to 1942, and the Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation. This exhibition brings together three related paintings attributed to the Master of the Embroidered Foliage from museums in Bruges, Lille, and Minneapolis. Using modern scientific techniques and traditional art historical methods of investigation we test Friedländer's hypothesis that these works are by the same artist, while also exploring the relationships between the paintings..."

Check out the site here:…

Take time to show love to some of my favorite Deviants:

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Wed Oct 27, 2004, 11:01 AM
Please consider adding your name to this petition
to stop the killing of animals for use in artwork:…

This was brought to my attention by :iconillahie:  

Works like the following photograph are being
produced by people who kill animals and use
them for the sake of "artistic vision":  
***warning - image will be disturbing!!***</i>…

I am thoroughly disgusted.


Take time to show love to some of my favorite Deviants:

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Cat Stevens....another update

Thu Sep 23, 2004, 11:18 AM
As reported by CNN:

"LONDON, England (CNN) -- The British recording artist Yusuf Islam returned to London Thursday saying he was "shocked and slightly amused" after U.S. officials determined he was on a terrorist watch list and was not allowed to enter the United States.

Islam, the peace activist and singer once known as Cat Stevens, said he was traveling to Nashville, Tennessee, with his daughter for a recording session when he was approached aboard the flight into Washington, D.C."

Read more here:…

As reported by CNN:

"LONDON, England -- The refusal to allow Singer Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, into the United States on national security grounds was a "slap in the face of sanity," a Muslim group has said.

Islam was stopped from flying into Washington on Tuesday from London after his name appeared on a security watch list."

Read more here:…


Some are personal friends, some are underviewed deviants, some amaze me, some give me a different perspective.
All are worth the time it will take for you to give them some love!

:icongarmr: :iconillahie: :iconragelion: :iconthebardsdotnet: :iconraven1971: :iconriesheridan: :icondigitalphoenix: :iconpashun8: :iconathenatt: :iconfizzfoam: :iconlittle-serval: :iconashigaru: :iconholymackeral: :iconswandog: :iconursulav: :iconjavadoodle: :iconholyman: :iconvltz:
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Unintended collaboration

Fri Sep 3, 2004, 5:46 AM
**EDIT, 9/3/04**
This piece can now be viewed in my gallery as a submitted Deviation.

Our minds united
    Hearing but not seeing
Across the void
    Breathless and yet breathing
Astral communion
    Fulfilled but still needing

We sculpt with sound
    Across the expanse...Reaching
These ethereal forms
    Fingers outstretched...Searching
Directing with words
    In a jubilant heartbeat...Finding
To writhe and enwrap
    With joyous hands...Touching

Stoking temporal fires
Filling lonesome spaces

Weaving our souls
    Inhaling tranquil breath...Being

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Digression, by garmr

Tue Aug 24, 2004, 7:30 AM

My friend, garmr, has done my portrait...fantasy style!  Please visit his page and take a closer look!

Thanks Abe.  


Scottish Free Sticker - Real Men Wear Kilts Stickers
Pickup your free gift from the Brobdingnagian Bards, free stickers that read, Real Men Wear Kilts! It's a great way to celebrate your Celtic/Scottish cultural heritage. Just send a SASE for your free sticker.

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Slump, slump, slump...
My camera doesn't even look good to me this week.

Have a brilliant idea I'd like to start on, but feeling a bit buried under a couple of (what I thought were simple) commissions.  

I ride the inspiration / demotivation roller coaster a bit these days.  It's a thrilling ride when it really gets rolling, but the conductor tends to fall asleep at the controls a lot and I'm left at the top of the really good hills sometimes for far too long.

Ingrid did a sweet portrait of my dearly departed lab-mix, Bailey, for me. Check it out here: Bailey
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